About Us

Gasdrive has acquired the rights to BRC Gas Equipment, LPG gas conversions for motor vehicles in South Africa. We are in the process of establishing reputable fitment centers with professionally trained installers across the country, supported by one of the world leaders in LPG Gas conversions, BRC Italy.

Our mission is to offer motorist across South Africa, an affordable solution, which will put money back into your pocket by saving on fuel costs. The current saving will be about 40%.

Gasdrive specializes in conversion of motor vehicles to LPG gas.

LPG gas is an environmentally friendly alternative fuel; therefore you will be leaving a greener footprint as a motorist in South Africa.

LPG offers a well developed, genuine alternative to petrol. LPG for vehicles is called Autogas.

Gasdrive is creating business opportunity in South Africa in the form of professional dealership fitment centers and Gas Fueling stations.